Integrated eCommerce solutions,
real world product fulfillment
and distribution, customer support,
and management analytics that enable
you to take your business online,
and to the next level.

Let us show you how

We provide a fully outsourced “web-to-door” sales solutions for your company — Letting you focus on the rest of your business.

We help you sell your products online, warehouse your products and manage your inventory, collect and assemble orders as they come in, pack the orders for shipping, complete all required shipping documentation and expedite delivery to your customer. Our services are fully customizable and scalable to suit your needs, from enterprise scale supply chain management to small business fulfillment, we have got you covered.


We make sure that eCommerce works for your business and your customers.

We can integrate our on-line shopping systems directly into your website to provide a comprehensive web-to-door solution. We provide a customizable range of solutions to suit your needs; from capturing sales online, managing your inventory and processing payments — building your brand strength and customer satisfaction at every step.

Networked efficiency

Go Direct operates six cutting edge facilities located across North America, in both The U.S. and Canada, enabling us to service 95% of the North American market in two days or less. Our logistics system is optimized to be able to ship from the location that is closest to the delivery point, ensuring that the order is “picked, packed and shipped” as efficiently as possible; saving time and money. Cross border transactions are handled seamlessly, and hassle free. Our systems ensure that regulations are complied with, and that; taxes and duties are minimized or eliminated.


Speed, Agility and First Class Service

When launching a new product, companies often rely on minimizing their upfront costs and cutting their time-to-market. Going direct provides a highly efficient way to get all the pieces in place, eliminating the need to design and implement in-house systems, controlling start-up costs, overhead and training time. Our professional customer support and sales teams are already in place to assist your customers with any questions that they may have about your products. When your customer phones we are ready to answer the call.

Measuring what matters

Go Direct gives you comprehensive performance metrics on all aspects of your business process, ensuring that our operations and service to your company is operating at peak efficiency, and allowing you to respond dynamically to your customer needs. We will provide you with ongoing insight into customer behaviour and ways that will streamline your business, increasing revenue and efficiency, and strengthen your brand.


Our Clients

Our clients are as diverse as the markets they serve. We strive to customize out services to match their unique services and brand presence. Broadly speaking our services fall into one or more of these areas:

Direct to Consumer

From start-ups to existing companies, or those looking to expand into the Canadian market: we will set up and manage a complete e-commerce, fulfillment and support pipeline for your products, giving you a bigger margin on your sales and a strategic protection from being overly reliant on other 3rd party sales channels.

Business to Business

Your product needs to be in the right place at the right time. With our network of warehouses linked together with state-of-the-art management and logistics systems, we will find the most efficient way to ensure your product is on the shelves and in stores — in the right amounts — to continually maximize your ROI.

Intracompany Logistics

We take care of the details… ensuring that your teams are always equipped to support your core business. From distributing sales collateral, promotional items, and giveaways, sample kits, to sales displays and exhibits, our convenient custom online ordering and management systems ensures that your people get what they need.

Imagine what we can do for your business

There are many advantages of “Going Direct”.

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